14 dingen die Emma Stone deed om het lichaam van Billie Jean te krijgen

'She understands there's no the reason you can't enjoy good pizza every once in a while. She eats whatever she wants.'

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Middenin de opnames van La La Land kreeg Emma Stone een telefoontje: of ze tennislegende Jean King wilde spelen in Battle of Sexes. Natuurlijk wilde ze dat; maar dat betekende tegelijkertijd dat ze haar petit-La La Land-dansfiguur moest transformeren naar sterk tennislijf.

Geen probleem, met trainer Jason Walsh aan haar zijde. Walsh aan ELLE.com:'We sat down and tried to decide the game plan for the end results she needed. We were shooting for putting ten pounds on her because she needed to look and feel athletic. She needed to be resilient enough to handle the amount of tennis she was going to have to start playing and to also look the part.'

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Gelukkig doet Walsh voor ons nog even stap voor stap uit de doeken wat Stone precies moest doen om haar tennisfiguur te krijgen.

1. Stone hield zich drie maanden lang aan een strak sportplan voor Battle of the Sexes — en dat is waarom ze resultaten zag. Walsh: 'For six weeks at the beginning, she came in five days a week. We were doing two times a day, four days a week on top of that.'

2. Sport was maar de helft; daar bovenop at Stone meer calorieën op een dag, maar dan wel calorieën waarover nagedacht was. Walsh: 'It was probably 2500 or 3000 calories a day. She ate very well, and very clean, so it wasn't like she was getting garbage calories in. We added a high-calorie shake twice a day.'

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3. Stone's power shakes zaten vol eiwitten. Walsh:'The shakes helped her get the calories she needed and also give it the exact nutrients to really recover from the stress. They also had to taste good. If they don't taste good, you're not going to want to drink these shakes twice a day for three months.'

In de shakes gingen oa drie eetlepels Udo's Oil. Ook gebruikten ze Ashwagandha; een vriend van Walsh, een bergbeklimmer, vertelde hem dat het in de bergklimmerij veel wordt gebruikt om het lichaam na een klim te laten herstellen.'

4. Stone deed 's ochtends veel aan gewichtheffen, om haar spijsvertering te boosten. En daardoor werd ze op sommige plekken juist smaller, ondanks dat ze meer at. Walsh: 'It's kind of counter-intuitive. You would think that when you're eating that many calories, that you're just to going to get big. She ended up actually up putting on 15 pounds but her measurements were better than before because her metabolism was going up.'

5. Stone bleef tijdens het 'meer eten' wel góéd eten. Walsh: 'I let her pretty much just eat what she wanted, like a regular diet….She was actually hungry just on her own. She felt insatiable. She couldn't get enough calories. The body takes care of itself as long as you're not just pounding burgers and junk food.'

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6. Een typische krachttraining bevat héél veel deadlifts

Walsh noemt:

> Heel veel sled-pushing en -pulling, omdat het een work-out voor je hele lichaam is; het maakt gebruik van elke spier, van je handen tot je voeten.

> Deadlifting, heel veel deadlifting. Front squats, sumo leg squats, pull-ups, push-ups; het stond allemaal op het programma. En sumo leg deadlifts, niet te vergeten.

7. Stone deed niet specifiek aan veel cardiotraining, omdat er al cardio in haar krachttrainingen zat. Walsh: 'I don't know if you've ever lifted heavy weights but it's pretty damn taxing on the cardiovascular system as well.'

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8. … pas op het einde focuste ze zich op wat cardio, toen ze qua lichaamsgewicht al op haar streefdoel was. Walsh: 'We did stuck in a day or two of Rise Nation. That's our climbing, cardio conditioning class. It's a 30-minute high intensity workout so she's not spending too much time long-distance running or anything like that. She also did some yoga. She really enjoyed it.'

9. Stone beschouwde de trainingen als haar werk, waardoor ze het serieus bleef nemen. Walsh: 'Of course she got tired, but that's where the calories [come in]. It's a full-time job. She took it very, very seriously.'

10. Stone bleef buiten het trainen om goed voor zichzelf zorgen. Walsh: 'She got plenty of sleep. You get massages on the weekends to help with the soft tissue, making sure you're staying hydrated and making sure you're getting the calories you need. '

10. Belangrijk: tussen het trainen door had Stone rustdagen, om blessures te voorkomen. Ook als ze die dag eigenlijk zou trainen, maar ze echt niet kon. Walsh: 'There were also days she would come in completely exhausted, and we just cut the workout out and say you know what, take another day. You just gotta know. Some days you gotta know when to throw in and come back and be safe and stronger the next day.'

11. Ook na Battle of the Sexes doet Stone oefeningen, om haar goede lijf te behouden. Ze doet nog twee tot drie dagen per week aan krachttraining, en ze doet dan nog wat yoga. Walsh tipt verder nog: 'Stay out of the gym especially in the spring and summer. In the fall and winter, it's obviously colder outside with the weather so it makes more sense to be inside the gym sometimes. So I want to keep it balanced. I don't want people to get burnt out. '

12. Stone plant de traindagen om haar werk heen. Walsh:'Right now with the shooting schedule [for Netflix's Maniac], she's lucky if she gets a couple days of week. I think she does four. It just depends on the work load, the work schedule, and the travel schedule and whatnot, but four to five days is a pretty good amount of training. Even if she's just active. In New York, resting metabolic rate's higher because you're walking more throughout the day. Those things count, and they add up. So don't discredit that just because it's a day's worth of walking.'

13. Stone eet in de basis gezond, waardoor ze af en toe 'troep' kan eten zonder zich zorgen te hoeven maken. Walsh: 'She's a pretty good eater. She's educated and understands there's no the reason you can't enjoy good pizza every once in a while. She eats whatever she wants. For the most part, you eat very well and every once in a while, you can afford to have pizza and burgers and fries and things that we like to eat.'

14. Stone is na haar krachttraining beter geworden in yoga. Krachttraining kan invloed hebben op hoe goed je bent in yoga, vertelt Walsh. 'There's nothing worse than having back pains and aches and pains and that happens usually from a lot of weaknesses in the body and imbalances in the body.'

Weet je dat ook weer.

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